Friday, September 12, 2008

The Week and Ike

We continue to see God creating a mission field in the wake of crisis, and opening doors for ministry. The last few weeks of hurricane season have been impactful on so many people. We have been getting reports from our EFC churches in Haiti, which were hit by Hanna, Gustav AND Ike. They are experiencing massive flooding and food and fuel shortages.

As I write this morning, the wind is pounding the house and the rain is pouring down as a band of Ike passes over us. We began to feel the outer bands of winds yesterday in Houma.
I talked with one of our new Sherrif contacts in Terrebone Parish this morning and he told me they were evacuating the lower part of the parish as the storm surge was already overtopping the levee, and they were preparing for a levee failure.

We have been trying to connect with churches in TX in the path of Ike, and are working on repacking our trailers with supplies to cut more trees and tarps for roof repairs. We continue to be in need of some of the basic supplies for doing this type of response work. See the needs list on the right side. Call Dorinda at 985-893-0218 if you can help with any of these.

We continued with the ministry in Houma through the week. To date we have served alomost 70 families by cutting trees and placing tarps. Through the week, God provided every meal, as we took no food. He supplied some specific needs we were aware of, but almost at every work site, He showed us another need in the neighborhood that was not on our radar. Wednesday, we went down south in the real Cajun Bayou country. We found a small church that had no electricity, but was filled with the power of the Spirit. The Church had collected small amounts of food and water and from their darkened sanctuary were handing out supplies to any who had a need. Yesterday, we got calls from some other church organizations in town asking us to help them as well.

We continue to need a commitment of at least 10 people per week for the next few weeks to continue to respond to Gustav and Ike. Email ml

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TSN Ministries said...

You have our sincere prayers and admiration! You are God's heroes and our inspiration!

We'll continue to do all in our power to spread the word and get your needed help.

Fellow servants,

Jerry (and Tamara)