Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ike Day 8 - Transition

It is surreal almost. No it really is surreal. Kevin Watterson and I are in our respective homes this evening, having conversations with our wives and playing with our kids. Normal life.

A few hours ago we were working with a chain saw team to drop a large and complicated tree from a storm victim's yard. A few hours before that, we were getting almost 40 volunteers from Grace Bible (EFC) and others out to serve approximately a dozen families today.

The transition from crisis zone, where most people still don't have power; MRE's are eaten several times a week if not daily; Naps come in the chair in the tire store waiting for repairs on yet another blown skid loader trailer tire (see needs list - we still need tires!); families are wondering when they will be able to see their home filled with sodden belongings and mud;...the transition from the crisis zone to 'normal life' is interesting.

As we flew out from Houston, we flew over the areas that we have been serving in. We flew over the Bolivar Peninsula, and could see entire towns wiped out and huge areas of debris. The weather was bad in LA, so we could not see the still flooded houses in Terrebone Parish.

What are your plans for the weekend? The elders of Galveston Bible Church, and some of our team now living on the island, will worship on the church steps tomorrow and then put on their mud boots for more clean up work, trying to restore some aspect of normalcy to life... like a spot on the floor where you can clearly see the hardwood through the mud. Julie Horst worked an entire day yesterday to clean one bathroom that had been previously mudded out. Please consider investing one of your weeks, or weekends even, in serving your Brothers and Sisters in need. Email to send a team.

I have experienced the transition many times now, but the stark contrasts of life continue to shape me and reinforce my conviction that God has wired and equipped and placed me exactly where He wants me.
I had a fun experience as well today. I got to clear tree debris alongside Jim Dutton, NASA Astronaut. What a great humble and servant hearted guy. Check out his bio.

We will be going dark on the blog for a day as the Crisis Response team unplugs tomorrow. ml

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TSN Ministries said...

God continue to bless you all. Don't feel guilty for enjoying a day with your family. As I can witness to, there will come a time when we all will need the help we are able to give to others.

So rest, enjoy, and then recharge to go back. You are blessing people eternally and encouraging others to do the same!

Lord willing, we'll see you in December. Until then, you have our prayers and spiritual support.