Friday, July 8, 2011

Minot Flooding

This spring the community of Minot, North Dakota experienced the largest flood in its history. The levies broke and forced eleven thousand people out of their homes. Seventeen families from Trinity EFC are dealing with their homes being submerged, including Pastor Andy.

TouchGlobal Director, Mark Lewis, has met with the pastor along with several other leaders to talk about what is being done to assist the community affected by the flood and how they would like to proceed in the long term.

Currently, Crisis Response is traveling to North Dakota to assess the situation and getting the word out about the need for immediate and also long term giving. Along with that, we are working with Trinity EFC in processing how to continue in the long term.

How can you help?

  • Pray - Praising God for His sovereignty and praying for the specific needs of Trinity EFC and its surrounding community

  • Give - Donations will support the recovery of the 17 families from Trinity Church along with the thousands of other families in Minot who have lost their homes

  • Learn - Visit Trinity's site for more information and updates concerning the flood (

  • Serve - Consider serving in Minot. Help these families get back to their homes! Email for more info. Add "minot" in subject line.

God Bless!

"The Lord rules over the floodwaters. The Lord reigns as King forever." Psalm 29:10