Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ike Day 13 - the WALL

A high school student from Trinity Fellowship (EFCA) edited this video to help you understand the (click on->) aftermath of Ike. Wish we could add the smell to accompany the video.

Today was one of the days that we really saw so many people hitting the WALL. All those that have been impacted by Ike and that have been living in it since day one are spent. The adrenelin is gone. Debris piles are slowly starting to line the streets. The emotions tell on their faces. Relationships are strained. Families separated. Paychecks absent. Businesses ruined. MRE's old. Musquitos ferocious. Days hot. Bodies tired.

Some are just arriving back. They have a glassed over look, trying to comprehend it all. Kel Vaugh, the pastor of Bridge Community Church, a church plant on Galveston island was back today. He is still trying to connect with all his congregation, and is unsure just now of the ministry future. His parents house had 4+ feet of water in it. Many homes have been shut up now for 2 weeks, producing lots of foul odors and moldy posessions

I was again out on the streets today asking God again for forklift to unload the 500 clean-out supply filled buckets we got delivered today. I did find the same kind souls from the power company to help us. but along the way, I met Greg, the haggared owner of a car parts store. He was trying to do what he could to save things out of his business, but there was little the water did not destroy. He did not say it, but I read the pain and saw the fear of the near future on his face... the what do I do now and how am I going to pay the bills look. I needed a fork lift, and he had one, but I knew that God had me stop in his parking lot for Greg, not for the fork lift. Greg was swallowing hard to keep back tears as we prayed for his future, for peace and God providing his daily bread.
Galveston Bible Church has one more day tomorrow of debris removal. The pile at the end of the day today is pictured. FEMA can by and removed most of it this evening.

Teams are coming to help tomorrow from First EFC Austin and Legacy Bible, as well as a team from Coasthills Community Church to set up the food/supply distribution ministry, know as 'Laborer's Fruit, a ministry of Galveston Bible Church'. We are praying for a great out reach to the poorer community that is near the church, but also to so many thatw e expect will be at the very edge for a long while as they rebuild.

Pray for the Pastor (Clay) and Elders of Galveston Bible, pictured here at their evening elder meeting today. They are trying to get their own homes cleaned, minister to an entire congregation impacted by Ike, keep up their families while wives and kids are having to live out of town,and tend to their businesses, and they are out serving all the time. Pray for Pastor Kel and the church plant. Pray for Pastor's Bob, Chad, Garrett, and Mike, all of who had their congregations, and most all their facilites impacted.

Come to Texas and make a difference in supporting these churches and their passionate desire to reach out to their communities after the hurricane. Email hurricane relief to send a team and click on the link on the right side of this blog to give.


Anonymous said...

Mark, thankyou so much for your dedicated effort to put this personal face on the tragedy.

Thankyou for you and your team's sacrifices to be here, away from your families.

Thankyou for your hearts to meet both the immediate and eternal needs of the downtrodden and suffering.

We are praying for your strength, endurance, even joy and blessing as you serve a great God in a great calling.

EFCA Crisis Response said...

Praise to God. ml