Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike Day 7

We started working to day on getting the mud and soaked debris out of a church member's business in Galveston. He is going to let us use his building as a supply /distribution center. We will hopefully, prayerfully start truckloads of donated food, equipment, cleaning supplies and construction materials to help those in need.
The front part of the building will be a community ministry/resource center. We are expecting our first tractor trailer delivery Wednesday morning!
Email if you could arrange for the bulk donation of needed supplies. For a list of needed supplies go to .

Teams have been in this week from Bayshore Bible Church (TX), Living Word EFC (TX), Valley EFC (IA), and Wayside Chapel (TX). We are starting to get calls from other churches as they begin to hear the first hand reports of the storms impact on friends and family located on the island. We are ready to receive teams to help with setting up our 'base camp' and cleaning out the church and members/community homes. To send a team, email

The team from IA reported today that a man who they helped today expressed how he did not attend church now, but that he really wants to be apart of church. We'll be getting the church planting pastor from Oak Creek EFC connected with him.

A police officer aproached Jon, and elder at Galveston Bible today. The day prior, as we were discussing ministry opportunities, we discussed trying to serve the police, as they are working super long shifts and can never get to their needs at home. He asked her if she needed help working on police homes,and her jaw dropped. she said that one hour before he superior had tasked her with what she thought was the impossible task of finding help for accomplishing exactly that. Jon told me this and I immediately made connection with Captain Cox, a leader in the ministry called Police Officers for Christ. He is now working on having police officers from around the region come to Galveston to help their fellow oficers in the name of Christ. God is already opening doors for the Gospel. ml

I smelled a rotten refrigerator today. yuck.

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