Monday, September 8, 2008

Back in Houma

We headed back to Houma today with a team of 4 from Police Officers for Christ International, and Valley EFC, Vacaville, CA. These four guys basically hopped on a plane after hearing of the ministry opportunity that God opened up here among the Houma Police. We were able to work at several homes today of police officers on the local force. Jon and Chris, a Police captain and Chaplain respectively from CA will focus their time this week in following up on the contacts we made last week. In all, about 10 officers contacted us for help.

The stench in town today was overpowering at times. Alot of people returned home over the weekend and started emptying out their refrigerators and setting the putrid trash out by the street. Being downwind was horrible. It reminded me a lot of those post-Katrina gutting smells.

God directed our steps today, as usual. We had finished lunch, and were sitting in the shade when i noticed across the street, some unusually located branches in the neighbor's back yard. Further investigation revealed a huge tangled mess of a tree. James, an out of work salesman, was trying to cut this huge tree witha little electric chain saw. He was overjoyed with the offer for help, as were his neighbors, who also were overwhelmed having just returned from being evacuated. James and I had a great spiritual conversation. I told him that Jesus brought us to him today because He had a message for James. As we talked, I found that James has a passion for youth, and is retooling to be a teacher. in the course of the discussion, he told me that he did not go to his Methodist church regularly. We discussed the danger of being isolated from the Body. When we were leaving I told him that his concern for youth was admirable, but what message of faith was he sending to his own teenager about God, when James did not see church as a priority. I told him I was going to call him in two weeks to see that he has been going to church and in the Word. I know today for me was for James.

Denise and the kids were able to come and serve with us today. Emily and Kara are staying overnight with the team in Houma. The kids really worked hard, as did Abigail and Adam Horst, John's kids, who also came to town with us today. It is a joy to serve as a family.

Praying as we watch Ike. ... ml


TSN Ministries said...

Thanks for the update Mark. God contiue to bless you and use each of you. Tamara will be on her way tomorrow...Lord willing and in December we'll brig our included!

We look foreward to what God is doing and will do!

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the continual updates guys as I try to check the blog each day after school up here in Philly. I miss my extended family down South! It is AWESOME to hear how the Lord continues to use CR.

Missing and praying for you,
Jon Lahr

Bill Crawford said...

Glad you folks are here. I'll be in touch