Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike Day 5

More bad news today from Baytown, Gulfbay EFC. Pastor Garrett found 2 more of his families living in an outlying area had their homes totally flooded in almost 20 feet of water. the families in that area east of the city really had no services or help. We answered his empassioned plea for supplies by rounding up some water, ice and MRE's. We will be lloking for more for him tomorrow.

Since before Gustav we have been in communication with a partner power supply ministry. Today we connected with them along I-45. We got them into Galveston and they have started to power up the church and a home where the elders are camping out as the work on the church and asses the needs of the body. Temporary power will be set up for the church, a supply depot, and a volunteer housing area by next week. A lot of clean up is needed though to make them functional.

We worked with the church planter, Mike Bauer, from Oak Creek EFC today, and will do so for the next few days, meeting ministry needs of his body and their neighbors. They had great interactions today, and several familes were engaged and invited to come to church this Sunday.

Arnold and Julie Horst, part of our EFCA Crisis Response Team arrived with another trailer load of supplies, tools and equipment this evening, to enable us to start equipping teams for clean up and gutting work in TX. Similar tools and equipment has already been mobilized in LA for Houma clean-up work.

Galveston Bible's sanctuary floor has been cleaned and the hardwood floors saved. We met with the pastor and Elder's of the church in the new conference room, out on the sidewalk in front of the church, to hear from them on what they believe the Lord is calling them to as church in the response to Ike. It was such a blessing to hear these men passion to care for the needs of the Body and to reach the lost in their community in the aftermath of the storm. We will be looking at the logistics of the response tomorrow.

God continues to direct our steps perfectly. Ministry Abounds. ml

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