Thursday, September 4, 2008

Houma in the dark and in need

The Crisis Response Team loaded up equipment and supplies early in the morning Wednesday to drive back into Houma for two days of work. Trees and power lines litter the roads, along with roofs and other debris. Those that rode out the storm are cooking their frozen and refrigerated food as quickly as possible before it spoils, and many are wondering when help, particularly in the form of power company repairs, is coming.

Houma experienced heavy winds during Gustav and possibly some rogue tornados. Trees are uprooted and some twisted beyond belief. It is in this type of situation that God opens doors for incredible ministry. We constantly hear people ask, "Why are you here? Where are you from?" That's when we can share the love of Christ and demonstrate that love in very practical ways.

The team will return on Monday for a full week's work of reaching people in this time of crisis. There is still availability for teams to come help. Would you come? Can you help? Come see how God opens doors and hearts using His normal everyday people who only come with a willingness to be used by Him.

The photos below are just a small sample of what is happening here.

Roof damage for many homes

Trees down on power lines and homes

As of Wednesday, EFCA Crisis Response is the only cleanup ministry on the ground

Homeowners open their homes to feed the team

Many opportunities to share food and drink

Join a team in action!

Using God's resources to multiply healthy churches in times of crisis

An entire parish without power for the unknown future

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