Sunday, September 14, 2008

Houston Dark

We have seen about half a dozen spots with lights on since we hit Beaumont. We are now driving through South Houston. It is like we are in a left behind story. We are the only car on a massive freeway. Few lights any where. We have seen many police cars out patroling shining spotlights on businesses and several business fronts with glass blown out. Some tree limbs down. We had to pass through police checkpoint but have arrived safely. ml


Dave Musser said...

Our prayers are with the members at Galveston Bible Church and Pastor Clay Thomas. I've experienced generous hospitality at the home of Clay and Carla Thomas and I know their home is in a lower area of Galveston. I assume their home was completely inundated. Knowing Clay, he will be quick to point out the needs of others before his own. Please keep us informed on how we might help. Dave Musser - Member of Evangelical Fellowship in Amarillo, TX.

Mark Lewis said...

Thanks Dave. We have confirmed that the church is flooded. Clay and his family are ok and safe in Austin. ml