Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike Day 6

Houma, LA - Pictured is Miss Otis, a 95 year old lady who we served on Monday afternoon. In the background you can see what used to be her shed. The very large live oak tree that landed on top of it was not kind to the roof or the contents. After working there Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning,John Horst was able to reinstall her clothes line. He got a huge smile and a “God bless you!” He assured her that He already has. But her smile made his efforts well worth the sweat and poison. Serving people who express such gratitude over simple pleasures is joy.

We see much potential for ministry on Miss Otis’ street. Already we have been contacted by three others on the street with the need for tree cutting. And as we say here at Crisis Response, when someone makes a request like this what we hear them saying is, “Can you stick eight or ten missionaries in a vehicle and send them over here to tell me about Jesus?” So we look forward to the doors of opportunity God will continue to open in this neighborhood. Please pray that God will give our volunteers wisdom and boldness in proclaiming the Gospel. Pray for General Smith, Miracle, Tonie, and Taquel, as well as others on the street with whom we will be interacting.

Today we had the opportunity to serve another law enforcement officer with the Terrebone Parish Sherriff’s department. He shared with us that this was his first day off in 20 days, and he has been working 16-18 hr. shifts. He goes back to work tomorrow for at least five more days. He is worn out, but continues to serve his community and was grateful for our assistance in cutting up a tree on his property.

As we were finishing up on his property, his neighbor came over and asked how much we charged. We told him there was no fee, we were just volunteer workers sharing the love of Christ with people. He asked if we could help him with a couple of limbs that had broken out of a tree on his property. Three hours later, we drove away from that site. They were big limbs!

Texas - We spent a lot of time today with Galveston Bible Church leaders planning the logistics for being able ti receive and distribute supplies, house volunteer teams and manage tools and equipment. A great plan was birthed, and we will be praying to see that come together. We will be setting generators at the church and several other key locations to facilitate the response. We also received 2 more of our team, with a trailer full of tolls for clean up related work.

Neighborhood ministry continued to flow out of Trinity Fellowship, and Oak Creek Bible, both of Friendswood, TX, with three tree crews of volunteers and a church planting pastor, and a team of church members gutting another members home.

There is such a mission field that has been created in Houma and Texas. We understand that already not much of this is being seen on the news. But please pray that the people of Houma Southen TX will not be forgotten. And pray as well that God will send forth laborers into this field that is ready for harvest. ml

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