Sunday, January 24, 2010

What day is it?
Crises bring much confusion, just figuring out what day it is when there continues to be desperate needs everywhere we go. How do we help? How do we find the ministry that will be the right fit? Today began with an exploration for an orphanage that we had been told is not getting any help. We found it near Carrefour, a ten foot high pile of rubble where there had been a four story building housing over 130 orphans. Only 56 children survived while some of their caregivers and the nurses did not. The neighborhood has joined in to watch over the children as they live in a courtyard during the day and then sleep on the street at night. They have blocked the street and posted guards at each end. Tarps are strung over the street for protection. They have very basic needs-food, clean water and diapers. We were overcome with indescribably feelings when we were with the orphans. They surrounded us, wanting to be held or, simply, just wanting to hold our hands. We were told that a number of aid organizations had come by but they had never returned.
Our next stop was at the UN medical warehouse where we have found a bit more bureaucracy but still open doors. We placed our order for the next day, then as we walked out the gate some guys came up to us and said, “We recognize those shirts, we were in Galveston with you, you’re good people to work with.” They just emailed us to let us know that they have 400 diapers and ten cases of food supplement powder that they will give us tomorrow for the orphans. This is only a small sample of how God has brought us to the right people at the right time. It has happened every day.
This afternoon we received another ReachGlobal staff that will be here for two weeks to help us organize to host teams. While at the airport we searched for food and water for the kids. This time God used the Navy to load us up with MREs and the Army to provid the water. They all gathered around as we showed them photos of what we saw at the orphanage. One sailor gave us a stuffed bear to give to a child when we take the provisions to them in the morning.
Even a flat tire had God’s provision written all over it. It has been highly recommended not to drive after dark. We have not been back at the compound before dark any day since we’ve been here, yet we have had no problems. We heard that USA media is reporting that crime is a real issue. God must have posted many angels around us. Tonight, our tire went flat and we had to pull to the side. Our truck was so full of supplies that we were scrunched up like little sardines inside. Of course, getting the spare required emptying out the back first, in the dark, on the street but as we stopped and looked at each other, another ministry van pulled up and out came three of our friends, one of whom was a Haitian police officer who carried a gun. He stepped out of the van, pulled out his pistol and chambered a round. The gathering crowd disappeared in a very short time! With the tire replaced, we returned to the house compound where we are staying with no other incidents.

Yes, we are dealing with STRESS:
Crisis response can be divided into a number of phases.
Initially, having seen incredible destruction day after day along with extreme human suffering leaves a strong impact on a person. We have arranged debriefing sessions for when our emergency professionals return from Haiti.
Bodies also rebel.
Two of us have been suffering from gastric problems. Thankfully, Immodium and Cipro were right at hand and it was clear that God sustained us today when in other circumstances we would have stayed in bed. We are tired, but we are sustained. God has done some amazing things.
Raw photos can be found at They are not cleaned up or organized but the albums are listed by date and you will find many pictures of what you’ve read in the updates.
We are very grateful for the sustaining prayers of so many of you and for the encouraging notes that you have sent by email, FaceBook or others. We realize that a crisis carries an emotional impact that catches people’s attention for a short time. We would ask that you continue to pray for Haiti and the TouchGlobal Crisis Response ministry, even after the media moves on to other places.


TSN Ministries said...

Our church school (Woodstream Christian Academy)and our personal outreach ministry (The Sparrows' Nest Ministries) are praying daily for you and gathering financial support.

We also keep in mind those in New Orleans who still serve diligently.

God bless and keep each of you and continue to be glorified in all you do. Mark, Kevin, John, Pastors Mike and John and the entire team. . .we love you all!

Anonymous said...

Wautoma WI - our church's Sunday bulletin posted a request for people who wanted to do a short-term missions trip to Haiti. You must know that these things are being organized and they take timem, But you know well that help is needed ASAP.
Thank you for you your service. Words can not say enough. God has given you great opportunity to serve.
Be encouraged.

Leslie said...

We are praying for you here at First Free, St. Louis. Our medical team will arrive Wednesday morning. THANK YOU so much for keeping up this blog. It is so helpful to hear from you. We are praying for you. You are God's hands and feet in Haiti, bringing glory to His name. God bless you!

lanceandlori said...

Mark, we here in Henderson, Nevada are praying for you and your team. We are hoping to join you very soon. The word is out and we are gathering lots of names. Please know that you are doing an awesome work and God is well pleased! Stay strong and healthy!!! Hope to see you very soon! Lori Gibson (met you first in New Orleans, then in Galveston after "Ike") God Bless and keep you and your team members and the people of Haiti! Lori Gibson