Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Response

The devastation and human toll is huge. We are working in the following directions:
1. Our EFCA Touchglobal Crisis Response Director is working with partners to get on site over the weekend to begin first hand assessments, meeting with our church planters and national partners on the ground, meeting with potential partners, and identifying in-country logistics.

2. We are seeking to secure the needed donations of funds to enable a well resourced, soundly planned and highly effective immediate and long term response.

3.We are responding to numerous offers of assistance. We anticipate receiving crisis response teams only after the area is safe, and reasonable provisions for the logistical requirements for teams in country can be assured. we are taking contact information for those interested in volunteering at 985-893-0218 ext 7 or at .

4. We are seeking to identify all of the partners our EFCA Churches are currently involved with in Haiti. if your church is currently involved in Haiti ministry, please email us at .

5. We are working with partners on the ground to identify a list of bulk donation items needed most and the logistics to get materials shipped and transported in country.


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