Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Latest from Kevin, our TouchGlobal Crisis Response missionary, going as a scout into Haiti:

You’re in Good Hands…..

With the sound of the twin props from the Cessna 6 seater whirring in my head, and my body loaded up with Dramamine, Bruce Case with The Kings Wings ministry, pilots our plane towards our destination of Cap Haitien, Haiti, and away from the Fort Lauderdale coast which disappears slowly behind us into the hazy distance. Deep blue sky converges with the lighter shades of blue and turquoise which color the ocean below, painting a beautiful picture of calm and serenity. A far cry from the picture I expect to see as we land in Haiti 3 hours from now.

After an eventful night of coordination, last minute purchasing at a 24hr Walmart, and packing, we settled in for a little sleep; and I mean little! In the morning just before we walked out the door to go to the airport, we received a call from Henoc, our partner in Haiti. This was a welcome call because we had been trying to reach him in vain several times the night before, amidst all the other activity. Just in time, we were able to make contact and let him know we were on our way; an answered prayer.

As we drove to the airport, we realized that we hadn’t gotten complete directions to the hanger where we were to meet our pilot Bruce. After attempting several times to reach him on the 20 minute drive to airport, we received a call from him with directions, just in time to change lanes and make the left hand turn into the hanger.

I suspect that we will see more of these “just in time”s as we move forward in our work. I have seen God work in this way many times before in these situations, and have in a way come to almost expect it. It occurred to me this morning as we were leaving, that even as we prepare to go and plan our arrival in Haiti, and just as Bruce had filed his flight plan before the trip, God has gone before us, is already there and has laid out His plan for us.

That’s really what living by faith is all about, going along with someone who knows the way and tells us when and where to turn, when to speed up, when to slow down, and as in our air travel, when we need to stop and refuel. Our directions are revealed to us as we go.

I don’t know exactly what God has for us, but I know we are in Good Hands and I’m not with Allstate! (click here to see all the money you could be saving with Geico) No, I’m not with them either.

In HIS Grip,


Mark Jensen said...

Mark, Kevin, team...

We pray. May God grant you safety both physically and of your spirit from attacks as you go full speed into God's work.

My heart is with you.


Lori Puissegur said...

Prayers,,,Keep the humor---it helps.
Fear no evil.
God is with ya'll.
His rod and staff are ya'lls comfort.
Lori Puissegur

Rick Clements said...

Please indicate your financial needs for immediate relief supplies, travel, and essentials to sustain emergency ministry needs. Could EFCA inform our local churches of specific intermediate or long term project needs and costs to help the church body understand the problems to be solved and resources required.
"How lovely are the feet of him who announces salvation." Is. 50:7 May we believers fulfill our role in helping your feet to bring goods, and good news, to the least of these who have lost so much.