Monday, January 18, 2010

Assessment Trip Off the Ground

Things were moving fast this evening. Flight windows opened.
1. We got a call that we could get half our team on a flight with some supplies at 9am monday into Cap Haitien, where our partner has a great facility.
2. We got the other half of the team on a flight into Port-au-Prince early on Tuesday, the two team will link on Wednesday.
3. Another flight opened with 10 seats, and we were able to quickly pull together an exploratory medical team, who'll be there for 5 day, with some members longer.

The hard and horrible stories continue to be reported.

1. for those suffering terribly, survivors living in chaos and deprivation.
2. for the effective mobilization of supplies.
3. for generous giving.
4. for Safety for our teams.
5. for Christ's all surpassing love to be made known.


Chris Miller said...

I'm praying you and your teams, Mark. It's great to see such quick mobilization, once again!

May He grant you speed, safety, wisdom, excitement to serve Him, extra strength, compassion and a love for the lost and hopeless.

Chris Miller, EFCH

Ethan & Laura Hedberg said...

I am so glad God has opened up flights for your team to get to Haiti. Please tell us how we can help, especially in regards to medical professionals. May God bless you and bring your teams together. May his favor be upon you, your team, and the nation of Haiti.