Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Response 1-15-09

Situation Report.
The situation on the ground appears to be deteriorating. A US Government source that we work with said, “Truthfully, the situation on the ground is not good. Security is becoming a growing concern as well, most military won't be on station until late next week. Everyone wants to help, but patience is going to be the key here to keep everyone safe and not add to an already difficult problem.”

Our ministry leader in Haiti had this report, “We were in the city of PAP. It is indescribable. Hundreds of rotting bodies piled up. Family cannot get to the bodies of loved ones as they are rotting. Every family I know has a family member who was killed. If you were in a building you are dead. The city is breaking into anarchy, looting, (content deleted..let “and worse” suffice). Water is disappearing. The city is out of fuel. The airport is effectively closed.”

People seem to be fleeing the city, heading out into the undamaged rural areas and other cities to the north of Port-au-Prince(PAP). This will result in stressing already scarce resources in the outlying areas.

The Developing Plan.
We have been working with our partners, who have a base in Cap Haitian, well outside the directly affected area, (provision of the Lord for that) and are focusing on the following:

1. We are traveling daily to PAP to deliver supplies and move as many people as possible from Port au Prince, taking them to good health facilities such as: Pignon, Milot or wherever appropriate. We will help them with medicine and medical care.

2. We are assisting families spiritually and mentally to deal with loss of loved ones and worries about those they have not yet heard from.

3. In the churches and school, we will provide temporary shelter for families who are running away from the ruin looking for refuge. We will help them with food, and medicine.

In addition, our Touchglobal Crisis Response Team has been focusing on:

1. Responding to the flood of offers of assistance, and seeking to communicate urgent need for immediate and long term giving to support the response. Give at
A bulletin insert is available at

2. Planning an assessment trip into Haiti in the next few days.

3. Developing a relevant needs list in coordination with those in-country, and researching effective means to deliver donated goods to affected areas.

4. Seeking to recruit long term staff that could serve with us for 3-12 months to help manage the response. Email if you are interested in serving on our team longer term.

5. Identifying all current EFCA partner ministries in Haiti.

6. Coordinating with other international faith based crisis response and NGO’s.

7. Discussing with national partners potential logistics for housing/managing team.

Please go to for additional information. Email or call 985-893-0218 with questions or offers of assistance.

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