Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ike Day 32 - It's NOT about the work...

Hi Everyone!

The title is the one thing God has really been teaching me this is NOT about the work! I've been thrown into an environment that does needs lots of visible manual labor and also into a position where I'm kind of in charge of the designation of jobsites for teams. I desparately want to help everyone so if a team finishes a job we can move on to the next person to help...but at the same time, I desperately want these team members to LOVE on the people of connect with them, to care for them, to put down the crowbar and take off the face mask and have a geniune conversation with them...this has to be my top priority! So if a one day job takes all week because the teams are developing a relationship with the homeowner than who am I to stop that, who am I to stop what God is doing in their lives! The desire to love others has to be for all Christians around the world one of the top priorities! To Love God and to Love others! These are the greatest commands!

So my challenge to everyone is to stop focusing on the work, otherwise you might miss the chance to share God's love with someone who truly needs it!

p.s. We finished gutting Wanda's house on Tuesday! And she came by the free store yesterday so I got to see her! I'm really hoping we can start the rebuilding process soon but I know everything will work out in God's timing.

Jesus says, "This is my command: Love each other." John 15:17


Bob said...

Thanks for your encouraging words about loving people first. And thanks to you and other EFCA Crisis Response Team for the great job of organizing and keeping things going. My wife and daughters were encouraged as they helped at the distribution center on Wednesday. At least one prayer this morning was thanks to God for allowing them to help there.

God bless you all,

Bob Duke

Jean Stott said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks foe the blogs I love watching what the Lord continues to do there. Bless You & The Team There! Wish I were with you. Thoughts, Prayers and Blessings Jean Stott

Jake T. said...

The greatest part of working with Wanda was when our team first met her, she told us she doesn't do handshakes, she does hugs. 24 hours away from home, away from wife and four kids, a hug from Wanda was what I needed at the right moment.