Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ike Day 18 Some Signs of Hope

There was a strange sensation late this afternoon in Galveston Bible Church. A cool rush of air was felt flowing from the cieling in the Sunday school rooms. A distant humm of a compressor could be heard outside. Yes, AC is back on in these rooms. Kevin Watterson, one of our EFCA Crisis Response staff has been working for a week, getting part, rewiring, rigging, to get the air back on. This will help in the process of removing humidity and moisture from this part of the building. The AC, combined with a continuously stocked refrigerator of drinks and two freezers occaissionally filled with freeze pops, will also turn the Fellowship Hall into a cool place to escape from the sun on the hot afternoons of working on flood damaged home. Stop in and see for yourself.

Tary Snyder, with Texas Disaster Response has taken hold of a plea we sent out for approximately 30 sets of bunk beds for the volunteer housing center we are setting up in a former church building around the corner from GBC. They have even set up a website on the bunk bed project. click for link. We are also seeking mattresses for the bunks as well. We hope the Lord will bring many to fill them on a regular basis.

Pray for the workers to come to LA and TX to serve in the mission field left after the storms.
Pray for God to call a staff of committed Christ followers to help in the long term ministry needs in both places, especially for skilled tradesmen to help in the rebuilding process.
Pray for God to bring the Body together in submission to His greater purpose.

On a personal note, it was great to be with my family in LA for a few days the early part of the week. Pray for the families of all of our staff. ml

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