Friday, October 3, 2008

Ike Day 19 - Blessings

We had a truck driver from Stoltzfus Trucking in Lancaster, PA deliver more supplies for us on Thursday. God is using this company is such an amazing way. Whenever they have space on a truck, they ship pallets of donated grocery products to us for the distribution ministry the Galveston Bible has set up, without charge to us. They are a huge blessing.
The driver, Jonas, not only helped us unload, but he some extra time, so he stayed and helped us with some other needs we had. This was another blessing.

Another blessing came in the form of two men from a church in nearby Friendswood, TX. They were such an encouragement, as they came seeking us out to see how they could help. We have such a HUGE need for volunteers,and they were going to take that need back to their congregation and see how all they might be led to partner with the outreach ministry here for the long term

We also had a visit from a church in Austin, looking at what the needs are and how they might help. The encouragement of churches that God brings looking to see what the needs are is huge.
We have dozens and dozens of people that have come in to the church looking for help in cleaning out their homes. This Austin church is coming on Saturday to do a food distribution. One of the men that came to visit with us asked if the church needed any printers or copiers. Of course all that equipment was ruined in the flood. He said he was going to bring several high speed printer and a good copy machine, since he had just come upon 350 of the them that he was going to wholesale. God's provision is best, and HE will certainly meet our needs.

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