Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ike Day 26 - The People

The team from Community EFC spent the early part of the week serving John, the retired police chief of Galveston. He served the community for 50 years, as well as in the Marines. Team said, "
He is a charming 73 year old gentleman who was very appreciative of our help. The home was flooded with 8 feet of water, and his insurance was canceled 4 months prior to Ike as a result of damage sustained and resulting claims from Hurricane Rita in 2005. We gutted his home completely and when we left, it was ready for restoration work to begin. He said, 'It has been a very long time since anyone helped me for free.'

The team was able to then share about the Grace Plan, how it's a free gift from God. Jeff, pictured on top, was also with the team from Shippensburg EFC. He bonded well with John as Jeff too is a police officer. John'sson JAy, who is also an offcier on the Galveston PD was grateful as well. He has been unableto help his dad as he is working 12 hours a day since. EFCA Crisis Response and Galveston Bible Church have been focusing on meeting the needs of many first responders in the community. Lisa and her teams act of service is pictured, as well as the team and John.

Jack Symmons was also following up with Bill in Houma who recently professed faith in Christ, and wrote,

"Last Friday afternoon I had a chance to pay Bill Witty a visit on my way out of Houma. When I arrived at his house his wife greeted me with the biggest smile and told me the Bill was working on the side out the house.

Well after suprising him, he began yelling I’m a sinner I’m a sinner. I was in shock at first but then he told me that he was sinning because he could not stop bragging about the team that had been at his house and the work that they had done for him.

He was so happy the he had created a wall of fame. And on that wall is all the names of the team members that help cut his trees. And with their names are their favorite bible verses. Bill told me that he goes out to that wall and reads those verses everyday.Praise God for His perfect timing.

I have been challenged to work on a list of the blessings I have seen in the last 4 weeks of ministry in TX. Stay tuned for the Blessing List, as best my memory will allow.

We have over 40 volunteers schedule for the weekend from area churches. We really need longer term staff and volunteers coming from out of the area for a week at a time. Please join us in asking God for His provision in those areas as well. ml

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