Friday, March 13, 2009

Peru Blessings

Imagine this being your family's home...summer & winter!
We continue to show the love of Christ in the aftermath of the 8/07 Peru Earthquake. We have had TouchGlobal Crisis Response staff and US and Peruvian volunteer teams serving there for the past year. Here is the latest update from our staff, the Grover's:

Three houses are well under way, with double foundations poured, and the families making adobes, to be ready for teams to come in May and June to help build them. They are such different families and so needy, each in their own way.

The Lord in His providence knew just whom to put to work at Marta’s house – some of the women from the Lima, OH/Lima, Peru team. One of the women from the El Alfarero church in Lima, Peru, especially spent some extended time talking in the afternoons with Marta. Marta’s story breaks your heart. Before the earthquake she lived a normal life with a normal family in a nice house. Now she lives in what one of our ladies called a “basket house” – made of woven reeds, with a plastic roof, about as big as your living room (if it’s a small one!). She and her teenage daughter and little girl salvaged what they could of their belongings from under the rubble left from the earthquake.

Six months ago her husband left her. Marta almost had a breakdown; she’s at the end of her rope. She’d give up, too, but she has two girls, so she can’t. Instead she gets up before daylight and spends most of the day working in the grape vineyards, and then comes home to work on her adobes. She’s the most beautiful, petite little woman, with the saddest, most hopeless eyes you can ever imagine. She smiled one day when we working on digging her foundation. It was a day to put on the calendar. Please pray for Marta, that she will find a new hope and joy in Jesus.

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