Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grass Roots Neighborhood Transformation

Nate and Cindy came to New Orleans with their home church, Hershey EFC, to show the love of Christ to those in need. Twice. The first time started a friendship. the second time they were engaged. They were impacted by the principles of Holistic Ministry they learned while serving with TouchGlobal Crisis Response, loving individuals unconditionally, focusing on relationships, not work, and demonstrating and proclaiming the Gospel.

And after getting married, they chose, as have other couples from Hershey Free, to move into a distressed part of the City of Harrisburg...to express the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. They have been intentionally seeking ways to connect with neighbors and transform both their part of the world, and the eternal destiny of those in that world. They have influence in the lives of their neighbors, families, community, city leaders and media.

Do not underestimate the Kingdom signifigance or the influence you have in the "where He has you or the what He has you doing' in your context.

Here's what they have been up to recently:

God is doing some amazing things in our lives here in Harrisburg.

Cindy and I are leading another neighborhood cleanup tomorrow (Saturday, March 21st at 10am-2pm). It has been encouraging that one of our neighbors, Charles, has been highly involved in this planning process. He has made phone calls etc for us. We have also established extensive contacts with Harrisburg City to have them help us. It is cool because the city understands that they cannot accomplish their goals without our help. We can’t do it without them either, so we are developing a partnership. I filled out the paperwork today to “adopt-a-block.” I wanted you to know that things are rolling and for you to pray for us.

Specific prayer requests in regards to developing relationships
1. I would take specific opportunities that God is providing to share Christ with our neighbors.

2. We would find other Christian couples on our street that love Jesus as much as we do.

See this video from the local news.


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