Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haiti Blessing

A while back we discovered a small orphanage near our base that had been really ovelooked. It is small and well off the main road. to get to it from our house we walk up a dirt road, turn off onto a path along an irrigation ditch, travel through the woods, cross a creek, up the bank and we're there. Our teams have spent time with the kids in the past and were able to build a small school shelter for them. (Pictured).

They couple running it, a pastor and his wife have 3 of their own kids, are expecting their 4th, and have taken in 10 others. The small school thay have is for the 13 kids in the house, plus several other kids from nearby families. They do not charge for the school and have no uniforms or books. They have no money to pay their teachers, so the teachers have gotten other odd jobs to support themselvs and teach the kids as they can.

The young girls showed us some needle work they had been learning. It was so beautiful, and so encouraging to see them learning a craft along with what other things the teachers managed for instruction. We saw many smiles and stayed until dark this evening enjoying our time with the kids.

As I walked home, I was reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am to be a part of this ministry, and to have such worderful supporters and partners in ministry to be able to make such a tangible difference in the lives of these children. Thanks for your partnership with our family and the ministry of TouchGlobal Crisis Response.

Continue to pray for Haiti and the process of choosing a new president. Things have gotten very complicated this week with the arrival/return of former dictator 'baby doc' Duvallier. In the randomness of the world, I happened to be in the hotel where 'baby doc' was staying the mroning after he arrived. lots of security and reporters....and me. No one asked me for an interview though :) I also saw today an announcement that exiled president Aristede was planning to return to Haiti. A bearded lady and 3 rings and the circus will be complete. The country needs hope and a Godly leader....pray. ml

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