Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in Haiti

A flood of memories and feelings came back to me yesterday as I returned to Haiti for the first time this year. It was almost exactly a year ago when came for the first time days after the 'quake.

As I landed at the airport, I looked out over grass areas around the runway. What used to be a sea of tents for relief agencies is a field that needs cut.I recalled the days roaming around military and UN tents securing food, water, medicine and fuel. Driving to our home in Gressier I passed the place on the street where I saw my last quake victim piled in a heap.

Some small signs of the continued clean up, a damaged building now removed, another even rebuilt. I saw some areas where streets were reopened as families were no longer living in them. And of course throngs of people everywhere trying to eak out a living in the 'new' Haiti.
The new normal is one of rubble amidst brokenness, and the expanding 'suburb' of tin, tarps, tents and trash growing north of PaP. As I looked out over the hills of homeless, a bit overwhelmed, Ps 121 came to mind. "I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from. My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." And it's in converstaions with kids. At a partner's school today (pictured above), child after child told me about loved ones lost in the quake. Dana, 17, lost her mom while Richard, 8, lost his dad, and another boy his brother.

God, thanks for being the best help for those in need. Give me wisdom as to how to help and vision to see all that You desire for this patch of earth you've made. ml


trinity said...

Glad that there is some improvement, heartbroken that there is not more. Miss Haiti and those at the Haitian Queen, pass along my love and let them know I am still praying for them all! Want to come back someday!

Mark said...

Mark, wish I could been there with you, last time and this time., but we spent our weeks serving with Henoc in Cap Haitian last March... Amazing.. Horrible and amazing. we are still praying for them all,, and now praying for you too..
Mark & Cathy Jensen