Thursday, November 6, 2008

God's Plan

I spent Thursday with John Horst visiting job sites and moving drywall around New Orleans. We stopped at Pat's home, a lady who lost everything. We helped her apply for a grant in the spring, which she got. But then in May Red Cross announced that they were over extended and were pulling out of New Orleans, and in that process, failed to provide Pat with her funds for rebuilding. I had the blessing of telling Pat that she got the grant in the spring, and then in the summer was also provided the chance to tell her that she had nothing again. That was a hard call to make, but i told her that somehow God would provide and we would help her. So it was especially good to have teams at her house this past week beginning to serve her.

While at Pat's house, I met a young team member visiting from MN. He told me how blessed he was to be in New Orleans and how had experienced God this week. The day before, he got sick and ended up not being able to go to the work site with his team. He was feeling frustrated for not being able to work and serve as he wanted to. Later in the afternoon after resting, he was out on the front steps of the Yellow House. He greeted and engaged a man walking by in conversation, during which the man confided that he was struggling with addiction. The MN team member had also been down that road and was able to speak with understanding to the man. In the course of the conversation the man asked for what the team member had that enabled him to overcome....and a few minutes later they prayed and the man accepted Christ. The team member was then able to connect the man with Michael Robinson, the Community Development Director for Urban Impact Ministries, for follow-up and connection to the church.

Pray for the power of God to help this man overcome the things that ensnare him and the sin that entangles.

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