Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Beachhead

Early in the Ike response, we met Tina, and life long Galveston resident who had her home flooded and needed help in removing all of the debris. We have continued to work with Tina over the last 4 weeks, she has turned out to be such a huge blessing for establishing a ministry presence in the area between west of 50th St. This past Saturday was an amazing day of ministry. Using her home as beachhead for reaching the neighboring areas, we had about 150 people out serving at 18 different work sites.

A team from Friendswood Community Church landed on that beachhead and worked on transforming her yard by removing all the dead shrubs, and then took on sweeping the streets in the neighborhood. They met a lot of neighbors in the morning and invited them to a hot dog cookout block party we had planned for lunch. It was a blessing to see the neighborhood coming out and interacting with one another and with the teams.

We are planning a similar event this coming Saturday with another 100 plus volunteers.

I met an older lady in the neighborhood named Micky-June, who i was able to connect with 2 younger gals from Galveston Bible Church. She had a huge garage filled with water soaked smelly debris that she had been trying to clean out herself. I invited her to our hot dog lunch and gave her a ride over. She smiled and grabed my hand and said, 'I haven't had a lunch date in years'.

She told us about he fight with cancer. After several seasons of treatments, her doctor told her recently that it was time for her to make a decision to for quality of life or quantity of life. she said she decided instead to opt for a focused time of pray for healing. She told us that she is healed, and that God will either do that physically here on earth and extend her days, or will heal her when He brings her to be with him, but either way, she knows she has been healed. She had such joy amidst the struggles of life. I felt like God connected us with her so we could help her witness and love her neighbors, all of whom looked and sounded weary.

Pray for Micky-June and Tina to be used by God to spiritually transform their neighborhood.

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Bethany said...

i grew up at Galveston Bible Church and have been away at school training for ministry over seas. It has been a very hard thing for me to be here in Dallas and not there in Galveston helping with the mess. It warms my heart and gives me great joy to read this blog and hear the stories of what God is doing through his church. I have prayed for years that God would open doors in the community of Galveston and that he would use GBC and the other churches on the island to make an impact for the kingdom there. praise God for the work and ministry. Thank you to all the volunteers who did not forget about the hurting people in our backyard and for putting the love of Christ as a top priority. God bless you all.