Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Situation ReportMarch 11, 2011 — A major earthquake struck northern Japan (including Tokyo) with a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale. A significant tsunami was generated as a result, causing further damage along the coast.

March 12 - Reports from our RG staff in Japan today said that significant aftershocks continued throughout the day. In the Sendai area, aftershocks were strong enough to cause more minor tsunami waves. Direct communication with our RG team in Sendai has not as yet been established. We have relationship with two EFC’s and a church plant in Sendai, one of the hardest hit regions, but are waiting for direct contact. One of the EFC pastors in the region has not as yet been heard from.

Initial Response
TouchGlobal Crisis Response is assessing the situation, with our Team focusing on:
1. Establishing reliable communications with our ReachGlobal staff on the ground;

2. Responding to of offers of assistance, and communicating the urgent need for immediate and long term giving to support the response. Give at A bulletin insert is available at .

3. Planning an assessment trip to Japan for the week of March 20, to allow time for the situation in most affected areas to stabilize.

4. Identifying potential partner ministries in Japan.

5. Coordinating with other international faith based crisis response and NGO’s.

•Give thanks. The church members communicating with ReachGlobal staff in Japan seem to be safe and sound.
•Ask God for mercy upon the people of Japan, especially where tsunami waters have done great damage.
•Ask the Father to allow contact with one EFC pastor and his wife not yet reached.
•Ask God to give us, as His church, wisdom and sensitivity to know how to move quickly to give aid and comfort.

Please go to for additional information. Email or call 985-893-0218 with questions or offers of assistance.


Marilynn said...

Give praise that the EFC pastor and his wife have established contact. They are okay and staying with family.

Give praise that direct contact has been made with the ReachGlobal couple in Sendai. Phone service has been restored, though they are without electricity.

Here in Tokyo, we will have planned power outages today. In our area, we will be without power for a total of almost 8 hours today, Monday, March 14.

Kimo said...

Please confirm contact with the Mori's in Sendai and that family is safe. Jim Klouse (Kimo)

Tokyomarie said...

At the CRASH forum, it has been posted that the Moris are OK.